Why Use Us?

Swift Change's Philosopy:
In everything we do, we value:
          Integrity...we always do the right thing!
          World Class Service...customers come first
          Teamwork...Together Everyone Achieves More
          Communication...stay in curiosity and out of judgment
          Results...good enough never is
          Invest in the best people...yourself and others
          Loyalty and trust...being honest even if it hurts or costs
          Giving back to the community...from the heart
          Creativity...ideas before results. Think outside the box
          Having faith...in God we trust
As a client of our company, we will consistently provide excellent service, primarily focused in all the key areas listed above!
Also, we have built the foundation of previous business opportunities on two important components: character and personal integrity. This foundation has been anchored by our broker's 6 plus years of experience in the real estate industry and has served our company well throughout the years.
Secondly, our assoiates have been given a gift in the ability to communicate well with others and the ability to build strong relationships. Communication is key in all levels of the traditional real estate transaction. Have you had the unfortunate experience of not receiving that important call back from your real estate agent or an update on the purchase or sell of your home? This won’t happen with Swift Change Real Estate!
Thirdly, our own philosophy is to practice what you preach. Our broker, Brandon Thompson, has remodeled and sold, rented, and lease purchased over 50 + personally owned homes, sold hundreds of homes with clients and customers, lead teams and projects,  and has maximum knowledge of the industry. 
All of Swift Change's associates have qualified experience in the business world and particularly in the area of sales and service for clients and customers offering the best situation for you as we engage a  truly rewarding relationship with you. Our associates have a passion for marketing , sales, and administration and we truly enjoy the challenge of helping others with the expertise training we have received in the past years.
“There is a great synergy of services that we can provide and offer to you and we hope to hear from you soon! Please contact us so that we may serve you! 
"Integrity comes, and then character is tested; keep true and never be ashamed of doing what is right".